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osaka dessert tour

back in september, i went on a trip to kyoto and osaka. going into the trip, i was wildly excited to visit kyoto, a city that everyone (and by everyone, i mean my sister and two other people) said i would fall in love with. and fall in love i did! but more on that another time. this blog post is about osaka, which i had been more curious than excited about, simply because i didn’t know much about it. but i was in for a sweet (wink wink) surprise: the city was full of delicious, amazing, drool worthy desserts.

i’ve been wanting to write this blog post for awhile so here it is, finally! my ~top three favourite dessert places in osaka~ (also the only three dessert places we had time for, but i hope this doesn’t make my list any less legit).



i first heard about this soft serve from a simon and martina youtube video. the video is literally called ‘the best soft serve ice cream’ so of course i wanted to try it. we got this at a place called SOFTCREAM LAND SWEDEN. honestly, 10 points right there for a place called softcream land. how magical is that? not as magical as the actual soft serve, let me tell you. it was unlike any soft serve i’ve had before. made with fresh cream from hokkaido, it is creamy, rich, refreshing, and beautiful. and it doesn’t end there. the cone is the most amazing sugar cookie cone i’ve ever had. the official cremia website calls it ‘langue de chat’ which, upon googling, i discovered is a cookie in the shape of a cat tongue (hence the name). whatever it is, it’s delicious. we loved it so much, we went out of our way twice to get it and would have gone again if we had an extra day!



there’s a lot of hype around japanese cheesecake and i can see why. it’s soft, fluffy, and in the case of this shop, there’s a friendly looking man named uncle rikuro smiling at you from the top of the cake. i mean, what’s not to like? there are raisins at the bottom which i didn’t expect, but also didn’t mind. i’m also really into sharing whole circular foods (for example, pizzas, pies, giant cookies, etc), so i enjoyed the experience of this maybe more than the cake itself. also, we couldn’t finish the whole thing in one sitting so we got to enjoy the leftovers the following day which was just as good! you can find it on tripadvisor here.


can we just take a moment to appreciate the name of this place? and before you ask me what the world’s first best freshly baked melon-pan ice cream is, i looked it up and couldn’t find it so your guess is as good as mine. so what is melon pan? melon pan is a sweet bun that looks like a melon. this one has ice cream on the inside, and also this pleasant little biscuit. the bun is toasty warm and the ice cream is cold (as ice cream should be) and it’s the most interesting, delightful combo. this was actually my favourite dessert of the three because i love bread and i love ice cream and now i love melon pan ice cream. a must try! you can find it on yelp here.

despite the fact that i just wrote an entire blog post about dessert, i’m not a huge sweet tooth. that’s why i loved these desserts; they’re light, refreshing, and sweet but not too sweet. if you’re like me, maybe you’ll enjoy these things too!


camano beach


flipping rocks, looking for crabs

new instagram!

so by now we all know that i’m way better at blogging about how bad i am at blogging than i am at actually blogging. i re-evaluated the social media goals that i made at the beginning of 2017 and was disappointed, but not entirely surprised, to find that i haven’t been consistent at all with the blog and the vlog (what vlog? yes exactly). one day i do hope to get a better grasp on these social media platforms, but for now, for today, i have started a different project: a new instagram account! you can follow along @sarahaelisuk

starting a public instagram page has been something i’ve wanted to do for while now. but what kind of content did i want to post? i played with the idea of making one to showcase my film photos. or possibly an instagram dedicated entirely to my love of korean shaved ice (bingsu). or maybe a page to document my writing journey which is really what i want to build a platform around. i finally settled on a writing and reading page, with the occasional photo of a good looking bingsu. i hope that this will further inspire me to take more photos, write more words and connect with more people in the process. and of course to eat more bingsu.

light horizontal

photo (6)

when stringing words together, choose your thread wisely. sometimes it can be even more important than the words themselves. so go on; bead your poetry on strings of grass so they can glisten there like morning dew, appearing in the night but only seen with the rising sun. hang your words on spider webs, on christmas tree branches, on each string of your guitar making every song sing sweeter. thread it on your laundry lines and watch them wave with the wind. the words you wear around your neck feel like coarse rope rubbing at your collarbone with each step, or maybe- – – they feel like a necktie, looped on by the hands of a loved one, sterling silver, the lightest of chains not meant to ensnare but to highlight. it catches the sun. the words beam. i string my words on light horizontal and your alphabet dances in the dust.

i used to write poetry

photos | niagara falls, ontario

photo (8)

you’ve never been one to shout from the rooftops. for some people, joy rises like a hot air balloon released from its hold and if they don’t scream, they might die. but for you, joy pools downward, making oceans at your feet, wrinkling your toes. you’re aging in your happiness. it’s a silent wading in the water but we can hear it all the way from here.

photo (18)

one of my favourite places in korea is beneath yanghwa bridge. i only went once and it was by accident. i had just finished a roll of film and i regretted not bringing more because it was golden hour and the light was unreal. there were men fishing, skateboarders, dog walkers, people sitting on benches waiting for something, maybe waiting for nothing. sometimes when i think about this place i want to cry, but i’m not sure why this is. it was really beautiful.

photo (22)

sometimes she still feels like someone pulled the plug in the tub right in the middle of her bath and when the water went down the drain, she went right along with it and has been stuck there ever since. she’s not there anymore but sometimes still she wakes up in the middle of the night and worries about who will blow out the candles while she’s gone.

photo (28)

my favourite cafe in vancouver sells ginger cookies in the shape of totoro (his stomach is shortbread). i don’t love the taste of this cookie, but i do love totoro so sometimes when i go there i’ll buy one for myself and it always feels like a treat.

swimming lessons

how to ride the currents of time
and not get pulled in by its ferocious riptides?

a lesson on dishwashers

on the last day of 2016, i slept over at a friend’s house after a new years party (new years parties for me = eating guacamole and counting down to midnight, 40% in anticipation for the new year and 60% in anticipation to put on my pyjamas and go to bed). after the party, my friend farisia and i were cleaning up and loading the dishes into the dishwasher. she turns to me and we have the following conversation:

farisia: i don’t have a dishwasher at my house. do you know how to use this?
me: no, we use the one at my house as a drying rack. but i’m sure we can figure it out.
farisia: -holds up liquid soap- we just fill it with this, right?
me: is that the right one?
farisia: -reading- it says ‘dishwashing soap’
me: ok! pour it in!
farisia: -pouring- is this enough?
me: maybe some more?

we get the dishwasher going, congratulate ourselves and go upstairs to put on our pyjamas and sleep (the moment i’ve been waiting for since 11:30 PM). before getting into bed, farisia goes downstairs to get some water and a few seconds later i hear her voice call up from the kitchen. “um…. sarah???”

so i go downstairs and i see this:



so as it turns out, liquid dish soap for sink washing is not meant to go in the dishwasher. ever. there’s special soap for dishwashers, people! special! soap!! it was around 130 AM at this point and farisia and i were on our knees, scooping up soap suds with our hands and crying on the inside. at one moment, we just paused to stare as bubbles seeped out of the dishwasher in a never ending gurgle of horror, saying, “it’s not stopping.” -thirty seconds later- “yep still going.” -thirty more seconds later- “yeah this isn’t ending is it?”

after half an hour of damage control, we decided to just let the dishwasher monster keep on foaming at the mouth and get it all out of its system. we lay a big towel down on the kitchen floor, went to bed and let the cycle run. in the morning, the monster was finally quiet, the soap stream finally run out. we cleaned up the remaining mess and pondered over the significance of our new year beginning in such a peculiar fashion. the takeaway? it’s going to be a year of unexpected surprises and deep cleansing, new experiences and humble learning. also, i’m going to do dishes by hand for the rest of my life. it’s safer that way.

twenty seventeen / a digital age

chilliwack // 

dear blog, i know this will probably hurt your feelings, but i was 98% certain that my last blog post (in september 2016) would be my last one ever. but i’m back! (silence) in the interest of becoming better at online documentation and sharing with the world at large, i have made it my goal to blog at least twice a month. (more silence) i’m sorry that you probably have separation anxiety now because i keep abandoning you for long stretches of time. i completely understand your silent treatment. you probably don’t believe me when i say all this, but i promise, this isn’t just another new years resolution that i forget about after a week. (…) i really will try my best!

dear youtube, you’ve probably forgotten what i look like by now, but this year i’m going to try to revive my vlog. (sorry who are you again?) hey come on, it hasn’t been that long. remember this video i posted last october? the highlight video of my niece’s first birthday? (oh yeah that was pretty adorable)

i will try to post at least five vlogs this year! i was originally going to say one vlog a month, but i’ll be more realistic. (yeah ok) ok?? five!

dear twitter, my new online friend. to be honest, i never thought we would be friends, but it’s a new year and i’m sure i have something to learn from you (for any other twitter users out there, you can find and follow me here). i hope you can help me connect with the wider online community, particularly the writing and publishing community.

– the photo of the mountain was taken in chilliwack where my writing group had a reunion/belated christmas party. it was a magical day with a magical view and at night, the stars were so clear. when i arrived back in vancouver, i looked up and was disappointed to see that the stars looked like faded white out smudges you had to squint to see. the stars are brighter in chilliwack i thought. but that’s not really true. stars are stars and they are as bright as they are. it’s just that sometimes you have a clearer view.

i’m not the most online-savvy person, maybe partially because i feel like the online world is the faded star version of the offline world. you have to squint to see the light. but just as stars are stars, humans are humans, and if i can find my way to a clearer view, maybe i’ll also find a way to connect deeper with the people behind the computers and widen my scope. so here’s to 2017, an increasingly digital age in which i will try to live as i’ve always longed to live: in embrace and in learning. see you soon!

to my blog

the other day i was looking through my blog archives and was surprised to find that i’ve been running this blog (inconsistently, but nevertheless still running) since early 2013! now this may not seem like a crazy period of time, but i’ve had a history of ditching blogs throughout the years so i’m happy to see that this one has lasted for as long as it has. it’s proven to be a reliable space to share big (+ small) life events, passing thoughts, photographs, creative writing, and random musings, like the kind of thing you would write on a post-it note when you’re feeling poetic and proceed to forget inside your desk drawer until months later when you need your glue stick for a school project and the post-it note is stuck to it and you realize this post-it is probably stickier than the actual glue (because truly, does anyone know of a glue stick that works well because i have yet to find one).

i never did write all those posts i thought i would, like the one about my trip to tokyo, hong kong, and singapore. or the one about digimon (because i am forever devoted and digimon adventure tri started last year, is still going on, and in fact the third movie is coming out next weekend and i’m sO EXCITED it’s absurd) because i’ve been too busy watching it to write about it. haha!

this blog for me has been a reliable space and also the space between things. the space between the bookshelf and the wall, the fridge and the cabinets, where old archie comics get lost and need to be fished out with a naked roll of wrapping paper or chopsticks taped together. that awkward space in my wallet between the zipper and the coin pouch where dimes always get stuck. the space between 1159 and 12, the today and tomorrow. thanks, my blog, for being that place for me to toss my dimes. i know it’s not much, but i hope they add up to something as a whole. you are my online quilt stitched together with the words i dropped through the cracks, a comfort made of patches and parts of something larger, and for that i’m thankful for you.

one day