by melonbar92

1) went on a field trip to daiso and bought supplies to make some art (supplies inclusive of but not limited to: fabric tape, fake flowers and wooden clothespins! also almost bought a laptop screen wiper in the shape of a hedgehog… unnie has one and i thought i could be matching… but i resisted). 

2) coffee and thrifting with nadya, the only friend i ever blog about in my history of blogging. today we contemplated the being of blueness and looked at antique wooden boxes with nothing inside. nadya bought a yellow bow tie with sailboats on them (guess what she’s being for halloween?) (though i don’t know why i’m asking) (you would never be able to guess from that one clue).

3) locked outside my house for an hour.

4) eating vanilla ice cream in waffle cones with umma who tried to make me promise that i will never go thrifting again and buy only new clothes from now until the rest of my life (…i just couldn’t bring myself to pinky swear that).

5) making art while listening to run river north on my stereo (trusty companion since the 90’s!) (please never die).


a sneak peek of my art project