why i love being an english literature major

by melonbar92

  • i get to read alice’s adventures in wonderland and the hobbit for homework
  • i get to read old magazines from when magazines were b o o m i n g, the twitter of the time period
  • i have written a total of zero midterms this semester
  • i never run out of things to read on the 99 b-line
  • i am inspired by the stories i read and the authours that write them
  • i grow an appreciation for things i never thought i would like (ex: poetry. shakespeare. beowulf)
  • i write when i think i don’t have anything important to say and then i realize that maybe i do
  • i write when i think i don’t have the right words to express myself and then i realize that my vocabulary is not like my height: it can keep on growing
  • i love words