sleep scratcher

by melonbar92

dear sleep therapist,

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 8.30.08 PM

my name is sarah suk and i have a problem.

ever since i was a kid, i’ve had a pretty common skin condition called eczema which means that my skin is suPeR sensitive and gets itchy/dry/red/etc on a regular basis. i never leave the house without my little jar of aveeno lotion. or a tube of chapstick. people will often see me scratching and tell me to stop, which is helpful because sometimes i don’t even realize i’m doing it. it’s hard to control but it’s not impossible.

recently, however, it has been brought to my attention that a great majority of my scratching happens when i’m not even awake! i always knew that i scratched in my sleep, but i never realized how bad it was until last week when i slept over at my sister’s house and she couldn’t sleep because of the sound of my scratching. y i k e s. that’s problematic.

so i began to seek a solution. please refer now to the photo above. the left is a picture of me with a knee sock over my hand, and the right a picture of me wearing mittens that i’ve had since elementary school (apparently my hands do not grow). i went to bed one night with socked hands and the next night with mittened hands to prevent myself from scratching in my sleep, but both nights i woke up in the morning with free hands and lost socks and mittens. what.

i am stumped on how to approach this conundrum. do you have any suggestions? maybe you could prescribe me a magic lotion that relieves all itchiness for eternity. or point me to a store that has socks that will never fall off (though this might lead to a variety of other problems).

in the meantime for all you friends reading this, please pray that i will stop scratching in my sleep and even in my waking hours. your prayers are better than any bewitched article of clothing and i believe that one day i will be healed and sleep a scratchless sleep. until then!

itchingly yours,
sarah suk sleep scratcher