texas bound

by melonbar92

it is currently midnight and i am doing two things:
1) packing
2) writing a speech
i am doing these things because…….. my sister is getting married!! in texas!!!!!!!!!

as i sit before an empty suitcase and a blank word document, i think it is appropriate that i take some time to blog about my sister and her wedding-to-be. i have known my sister all my life, or rather, she has known me all my life. i have never lived a single day without her.

unnie and i

(true joy / being loved)

among those days, we’ve had some pretty special ones. there was the hilary duff concert day and the suk sibling supper days with our brother and the numerous days in which my sister would take me out for delicious food and get angry at my inability to appreciate delicious food (what is the difference between gourmet sushi and sushi mania?). this week will be one of our most special days yet. i get to watch her walk down the aisle and marry the man she loves!

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 12.09.53 AM

(left: 2003 / right: 2013)
(left: i’m sorry unnie this photo is so awkward but it was the best i could find / right: this one is ok)

i hope this week in austin will be one B I G celebration. sometimes when i think about you i cry because you just love so deeply and loyally and you might think i’m kidding because i don’t really express these kind of emotions to you but truly truly truly i mean it. you deserve the best wedding. i love you and i will see you soon… in texas!