highlights and postscript

by melonbar92

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 8.12.32 PMphotos from @rachelcast’s instagram

1) a little excerpt from the speech i gave at my sister’s wedding (otherwise known as the speech during which i cried in front of everyone but managed to recover well enough to finish):
“in 2008 hannah went to korea in december and would send me e-mails updating me about her time there. one day i got a pretty short e-mail. it was two sentences and it said: ‘i have a crush. his name is john.’ …i didn’t know much about john except that he sometimes had a beard, played music and made my sister very, very happy. she would sit in her room and listen to the lyrics of songs and say, ‘this song is about john!’ and i would say, ‘you think every song is about john!’ the day i finally met john, i saw my sister glow. i feel like that’s the only way to describe it. she glows when he’s around.”
that’s the john she married. it was the best wedding i’ve been to yet.

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 7.53.44 PMphotos from @sittinginatree’s instagram

2) there were korean tacos (tacos. with bulgogi) and korean shirley temples (shirley temples. with soju). there was an ice cream truck. there was a heartwarming surprise performance by john and even more heartwarming vows at the ceremony. also, there was a dance floor on which my dad learned how to do gangster arm movements. it was maybe the best moment of my life.


3) it was really great to be able to spend a whole week with my family. since day one, my dad was craving korean food so after a week of nothing but tacos and barbecue, we drove out to a korean restaurant and he got his kimchi fix. also for the entire week, my mom kept saying, ‘i’m not hungry! i’m full from the happiness of hannah getting married!’ i love my family a lot. the whole week, my brother drove us around in a van and we stayed in a place called the treehouse where i shared a room with my parents. i’m always secretly kind of happy when we end up in spaces where we have to be close together and share things like toothpaste and breathing room. i like spending quality time with them.


4) and now we have a new addition to the family! brother-in-law john. it was a really big gift, i think, to be able to fly down to texas and see his hometown. one of my favourite moments was when we went to a bar/dance hall type place called the broken spoke and had two-step dance lessons. at first i was sad because i didn’t have a partner and i couldn’t dance without one, but then my dad laid down the extra $8 and danced with me. it was cool to be able to experience texas culture and dance in the dance hall. john wore cowboy boots. this time around, my austin souvenir was a texas longhorns hat. next time, maybe i’ll get myself a pair of boots too.

finally, a ps from sarah: psst. guess what? my travels for winter break aren’t quite over yet! this morning i bought a last minute plane ticket to toronto to visit my long time korean school/youth group/long distance/for life friend jin! when i called her today she screamed so loud i thought i would have to cancel my flight and spend christmas in the hospital nursing my ear drums instead. i leave tomorrow. ahh! time to pack my bags again!