something that glows

by melonbar92

farisia thang and sarah suk inspire each other to write. the following is a piece of writing (poetry/prose/ponderings/etc) based on a prompt that they are musing over together. the first step of many: something that glows.

inspired by and dedicated to jin yoon with whom a week in toronto has passed by too quickly

line up your night lights and plug them into the wall. when i was a child i had one in the shape of an angel. its eyes were closed as if it were praying or maybe sleeping or maybe praying on the brink of sleeping as i am so often apt to do. it filled my room with the glow of an oven warming loaves of bread and made it safe for me, cocooned in one, two, three blankets, to fall asleep and to dream. but the glow doesn’t stop the nightmares from coming. bad dreams still find their way into my brain, either tiptoeing in through the open doorway of my ears or climbing in through the windows of my vision.

the glow reassures you that it is ok. it is ok to close your eyes. do not be afraid. do not be afraid when you see nothing but dark for a moment or two and do not even be afraid when the nightmares come. because when you awake you will see once more what is real for the glow will be illuminating the truth. and the truth is you are safe. you are wrapped in the warmth of a quilt that holds your beating heart and hands.

line up your night lights and let the glow bring you light until morning comes

and the sun will rise.