happy belated!

by melonbar92

today my coah community group threw me a surprise party for my (belated) birthday!


how i ruined the surprise:
being the punctual keener that i am (and also because charlie sent us a whatsapp message encouraging us to be on time to meetings) i showed up at monika’s house ten minutes early while they were setting up the ice cream sundae bar.
“sarah!” monika said when she opened the door. “you’re… early!”
“yep,” i said, feeling really proud of myself. “ten minutes early!”

how they salvaged the surprise:
“we forgot to get ice cream. for the ice cream sundaes. duh. wow. how did we forget that. can you go out with us to buy some?”
“but why do we need three people to go out and buy ice cream?”
“…to carry the groceries. to help us pick flavours. you just… come.”

when we returned to monika’s house, there was a big happy birthday banner set up with presents on the table and white balloons everywhere. they wrote me cards and gave me handmade presents and sang me happy birthday while i blew out the candle on dani’s homemade cupcakes (better than cupcake store cupcakes!). i felt really loved and happy. i’ve never been big on throwing my own birthday parties so i always appreciate it when people take me under their party planning wings and do something special for me. oh my coah family! they take care of me so well.

a flashback from last year’s surprise party:
(note- my real birthday is in december. last year we celebrated in february and this year in january. i think part of the surprise is figuring out which month we’re going to celebrate my birthday because it’s different every year!)