bubble tea reflections

by melonbar92

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 12.09.31 AM(right: 2012 / left: 2014) (a year and a half of working at pearl fever tea house)

  • today was my very last shift ever at pearl fever and also the busiest. a lot of friends came by to visit me so amidst the chaotic ‘buy one get one free’ promotions and all the greetings/goodbyes from friendly faces, it went by pretty fast. goodbye giant pots of tea! goodbye wednesday morning milk deliveries! goodbye maroon pearl fever t-shirt that i will probably now use as a pyjama shirt! goodbye can opener that never worked properly whenever i used it! i will miss you all.
  • when i first got an interview at pearl fever, i was worried because i secretly (not so secretly) didn’t really like bubble tea. before my interview, i researched all these different flavours of bubble tea in case they asked me what my favourite flavour was (i was going to say taro). after working there for a year and a half, my fondness for bubble tea has genuinely grown (current real favourite: banana).
  • number of scars from pf: one. cause: cut on a can of fresh taro. where: right wrist. oh: yes.
  • i am really grateful for my manager and all my co-workers because they made bubble tea such a great experience for me. i learned a lot. and i enjoyed their presence in my life so much. ah. it is really the people that make the place what it is.
  • (i still don’t know how to make hot tofu pudding without cheating and looking at the recipe book. ….sorry hank and chris).