sightseeing in ktown

by melonbar92

1) today a man in a dog costume gave me a flyer advertising a dog cafe. curious, i went to go check it out and discovered that it is exactly what it sounds like. it is a cafe. full of dogs. and lattes. there was also a man (or woman?) in a cat costume nearby, handing out flyers for a cat cafe. i did not go there today. but maybe next time!

2) while waiting for the subway, i looked into this glass case and saw:

IMG_3409how to use a fire mask

and then in the bigger glass case next to it i saw:

IMG_3410how to use a gas mask and how to use a self contained breathing apparatus

we are ready for any emergency subway situation.

3) i was shopping in a clothing store today and i found this pretty floral long sleeve shirt. i pulled it off the rack to take a better look and discovered big gold print on the other side that said: THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE IMPORTANT TO SOMEONE, AND YOU’RE NOT. i bought a shirt with an apple on it instead.

4) there was this one store i went to today where on the first floor, they sold clothes and on the second floor, there was a teddy bear museum!

IMG_3415teddy bears at the disco

IMG_3419teddy bears breakdancing

IMG_3416teddy bear musical (..i do not know which musical they were trying to depict)

IMG_3420traditional korean teddy bears!

5) i got six of these for 1000 won (= $1) today!!!!:

IMG_3440they are red bean filled bread… in the shape of fish!!!! in korean it’s called 붕어빵 (boonguh bbang). i ate the whole bag in five minutes. mmmm!