anam global house triple room

by melonbar92

today i did three things that i have never done before:
1) i moved into a university dorm room
2) i went shopping for household needs (ie: clothes hangers, dental floss, little plastic cup to hold my toothbrush) (i also bought bananas) (and a jar of peanut butter which was one of the most expensive things i’ve bought so far)
3) i … can’t think of a third, but i’m almost certain there is one

the dormitory that i moved into at korea university is called anam global house. i live in a triple room with two girls from china (very reminiscent of my time in china this past summer!). they’ve both been here since last semester. our room looks like this:

IMG_3459the beds. mine is the top bunk! (as a kid, i had a fear of sleeping on the top bunk because i thought i would roll off in the middle of the night and either a) no one would wake up and i would die or b) everyone would wake up and i would be embarrassed) (i’m ok with top bunks now)

IMG_3460the sink area. to my left is the toilet and to my right is the shower stall.

IMG_3464the desks. i spent a good chunk of my afternoon unpacking all my things and organizing the shelves. observe my ukulele and texas longhorns hat settling into their new home.

after settling in, i went out to explore the campus and eat some dinner! i went simple today and got kimbap and ramen for 4000 won (~$4). i’m back in my room now and although it’s only 8 pm, my eyelids are beginning to droop. my body is still not vibing with the time difference. must… fight… sleep…z…z….zzzzzz