class in session

by melonbar92

schools in korea begin their semester in march so the first week of classes have officially begun! i am in three english literature classes, all taught in english, with about 60 students per class, 5-10 of them international/exchange students. it is looking to be a very promising four months.

from today’s nineteenth century literature class:

the professor is a middle aged korean man with four kids. he spent a number of years studying and teaching in england.

prof: -explaining the syllabus/his contact info- if you need me. call the office. and they will call me. and i will come. and save your life.

he suggested we all introduce ourselves, starting with himself.

prof: i like gardening. and sometimes painting. i read and write only when i have to. otherwise, i don’t like. i play guitar. very well. and i like k-pop singer j rabbit.

we each got a minute to say something about ourselves.

student: i’m taking this class because i used to hate reading but-
prof: don’t worry, we all hate.

student: i like shopping.
prof: ah shopping. like buying clothes.
student: um. no. like playing piano?
prof: ah. chopin!

student: hi. i just got out of military. so i am very cold and lonely. i like sports and speed skating and i play guitar and violin. so i can talk about anything. so please. talk to me.

we are off to a great start!