clams and subways

by melonbar92

1) special guests in korea call for a special blog post (or… just a normal blog post. it’s been awhile)! my sister and john flew in a couple days ago so i’ve gotten a little piece of home in korea- and also two giant ziploc sealed bags of president’s choice dried mangoes which i am obsessed with and have been eating every day since.  


2) yesterday, my sister and john and i met with my cousin and his five year old son in incheon and ate 조개구이 (which means we grilled a whole bunch of clams over this fire and ate them all). the clams were so fresh i felt like i was basically eating the ocean. it was delicious! afterwards, we went to go visit my aunt in another part of incheon and she brought out this whole table of food so we had dinner round two. luckily, my mom has trained me to eat a tremendous amount of korean food at each sitting so it was no problem and dinner #2 was also very yummy! i’m learning that three dinners for a normal person = one of umma’s dinners.

3) the subway system in korea is very well set up so you can travel around the city with ease. sometimes when you’re riding the subway, korean ajummas or ajusshis will come in and sell things like belts or face masks or little miniature brooms to get those particularly small corners in your apartment. they walk up and down the aisle, advertising their product, and usually at least one person will pull out their wallet and fish out 3,000 won to buy the handy little broom. i imagine the transit police in vancouver wouldn’t be too happy if i tried to do that on the skytrain (what do you mean i can’t sell bath scrubs on the millennium line??). my cousins told me that technically it’s illegal here as well, but you can’t stop the sellers from making their sales.

4) lastly, an encouraging e-mail from dad sent a couple weeks ago. thanks abba. i am having a great time!