bingsu parade (part one)

by melonbar92

hello blogger friends. for the past couple weeks, there has been a tiny little voice in the back of my head nagging me to update my blog with some stories from korea. may has been a busy and blessed month so far (and it’s not even half over!) so i spent quite a bit of time pondering over what to write about. should i write a post about the new philadelphia church-wide/church-deep retreat that i went on earlier this month? should i share about all the revelations that i received and am still chewing on today? should i write about the things pressing close to my heart or should i share funny tidbits about living the immersive life in korean culture? my mom has been here for the past couple weeks so should i share stories and pictures from our time together? should i put up some poetry? some prose?

there are many things on my heart and on my mind, but today i will keep those things in my heart and in my mind and share about one of my greatest life passions instead:


aka ice flakes/shaved ice, aka sarah’s favourite dessert, aka not really one of my greatest life passions but shoot do i ever love this stuff. thus let us begin the bingsu parade (part one):

IMG_3546this is the first bingsu that i had in korea. it is your standard patbingu (red bean ice flakes) from a popular chain cafe called caffe bene. to be honest, it was not that good. this is because caffe bene is not a bingsu special cafe. it is a coffeeshop and if you want the legit stuff you should go to a specialized bingsu cafe. but i also love dduk (rice cakes that you see on top of the bingsu) so that was nice.

IMG_3587this was a strawberry bingsu + shortcake combo at a cafe called peony in hongdae. it was amazing. i mean. ok. just look at it. the bingsu was like eating a delicious milky cloud of heaven. dipped in strawberry sauce. made with real strawberries. i first went here with my sister and john and then a second time with my roommates. everybody loved it. i would definitely recommend this place! (the cake was also pretty good, but i’m a one love kind of person so my attention was mostly on the bingsu).

IMG_3724my friend jisu took me on a tour around yonsei university and then treated me to this ginormous oreo bingsu at a cafe nearby called pop container. you have to be pretty strategic when you eat this because you don’t want the whole thing to topple over. it’s like a game of jenga. except delicious and covered with oreo shavings. (note: this bingsu must be shared. so if you want to eat this but you don’t have friends, make some friends).

IMG_3750to my incredible delight, a famous bingsu place opened RIGHT BY MY SCHOOL (hallelujah!)!!! it is called sulbing. so far i have been three times. the first time i went i had this berry yogurt bingsu. pretty good. there were also grapes in this which was strange because i didn’t know that grapes were part of the berry family. (right after i wrote that, i just googled ‘are grapes berries’ to confirm and i found this on Cucumbers and tomatoes aren’t usually thought of as berries, but to a botanist they are in fact berries, while strawberries and raspberries are not. In botany, a berry is a fleshy kind of simple fruit consisting of a single ovary that has multiple seeds. Other true berries besides cucumbers and tomatoes are bananas, oranges, grapes, and blueberries” ) (what the heck i never knew) (please don’t put cucumbers in my berry bingsu). 

IMG_3758the second time i went i had this injeolmi bingsu. i really like injeolmi but i have no idea what it is in english. so i will leave you curious folk to research that for yourself. but take my word for it, it really is delicious! i feel like i am eating korea when i eat injeolmi.

IMG_3785finally, the third time i went (today!) i had this strawberry bingsu. i went with my friend natalie and it was her first ever bingsu experience. i hope that she was enlightened by the beauty of shaved ice~ anyway this one was very good as well and even had some red bean in the middle. i love strawberries and dduk and red bean and this had all of that so i gave it an A+ (inside my mind).

as you can see, i titled this post part one of the bingsu parade because i’m sure that in the next two and a half months, i will eat a lot more of my favourite dessert. i don’t usually take pictures of food, but i always pull out my phone and do the whole ‘ok guys hold on, before we eat let me just…’ when it comes to bingsu. because i know i’m going to want to blog about it later. hahahhahaha. also, it is on my to do list to buy an ice shaving machine and bring it back to canada so i can set it up in my kitchen and make my own bingsu at home. i will call it bingsu home cafe. sarah’s bingsu home cafe. and people will come and line up and i’ll give them free bingsu and their lives will be changed forever. (…ok so i’m exaggerating, it’s not that life changing. it is just delicious shaved ice. but i’m still going to get that machine!).