busan take two

by melonbar92

this past week marked the official end of the semester and the beginning of my no school no work no plans summer break in korea. y a h o o ! ! ! a group of friends and i decided to kick off our summer with a four day trip down to busan. busan is a beautiful city right by the ocean and it reminds me of a hybrid between seoul and vancouver. i really like busan. friendly people, sea breeze, and good company! here are the faces i spent ~96 hours with:


sharon loves watermelon and we fulfilled her dream of eating watermelon in busan by buying the biggest one and carrying it around for two days and eating it for three.
shine is from montreal and loves bingsu even more than me.
natalie (who is also one of my roommates for this month!) says my name spanish style and can make a box of lucky charms cereal last forever.
philip likes bugs, knows a little something about everything, and has the amazing ability to spend four days in the company of only girls without going crazy.
dorrine is underratedly hilarious and reminds me of hamtaro.
caitlyn is ok with missing a free taeyang concert at the beach but if it was t.o.p, well, that’s another story.


busan aquarium : i saw sharks for the first time ever. (hello mr shark) (hello sarah) (you look angry but i think you’re not, that’s just the way your facial expression is. am i right?) (yes it’s very sad, people always think i’m mean but i’m not i’m really nice) (it’s ok i know your heart) (thanks).


gamcheon culture village : where the houses are painted all different colours and there’s art work on the walls.


jagalchi fish market : a market with lots of fish and other doomed sea creatures.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 1.35.07 PM

taejongdae : me and dorrine and our X Y Z poses. the last time i went to taejongdae, i took a boat around the cliffs and saw them from afar, but this time i got to walk on them! this is by far my favourite place in busan.

Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 4.55.01 PM

if only i could bottle up the cliffside breeze! this wind made for some crazy hair photos, but it felt so refreshing. (and speaking of refreshing, looking down at the water i wondered what it would be like to go cliff diving. i have a slight fear of heights, but i think i’d like to overcome and try it one day!).

the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea is all that fills your eyes and heart (take my word for it even though in this photo the water looks green and the sky looks grey). blue in taejongdae is reclaimed from being a colour of sadness to a colour of joy and busan colours me blue with each visit. thank you seaside!