oh korea

by melonbar92


1) don’t want your pet hamster anymore? no problem! just recycle him along with your cans and bottles! (dogs and cats acceptable as well).


2) according to this christian journal, numbers 6:24 proclaims: “the load bless you and keep you.” …… well, good thing it wasn’t written on every page. oh wait.

3) a couple weeks ago i saw a woman on the subway selling sleeves. literally just stretchy pieces of fabric that cover your arms from your wrists to your elbows in all different colours. i thought in my head ‘what t h e heck who would ever buy that.’ a few days later i was sitting on the subway in a t-shirt, shivering under the relentless wind of the air conditioner. the woman next to me pulls out her portable sleeves and slips them on and i think to myself ‘…i wish i was her.’