kim junsu

by melonbar92

for those of you who knew me when i was 13/14 years old, you may recognize the following photo:


this is kim junsu aka the love of my preteen life. he was a member of dong bang shin ki, a popular k-pop boy band back in the day (dbsk is still around today, though the group split in half so only two of them remain and the other three are in a group called jyj- kim junsu is now in this group). when i was in grade eight/nine i was obsessed with dbsk and junsu was my favourite member. i had his photo taped inside my student planner and all my class binders and i would carve his name into my erasers and write in my journal about how i was going to fly to korea and marry him. obviously, this never happened and professing my love for him to my school supplies was pretty much the height of our relationship. eventually, as is the case with many things you love when you’re 13 years old, my interest in him dwindled and i stopped listening to his music and fell out of the dbsk loop (i didn’t even know they broke up until a year or two later) (i am a bad fan).

i haven’t thought about him for several years, but a couple weeks ago i was in the dormitory kitchen, cooking dinner and talking to a friend, and the following conversation happened:
friend: i’m going to a musical in two weeks!
me: oh i love musicals! what are you seeing?
friend: dracula!
me: dracula?
friend: yeah i don’t know much about it either, but there’s an actor i really like in it. his name is kim junsu.
me: who is that?
friend: he’s in in a boy band called jyj!
me: hmm i don’t think i know who that- wait. omg. wait. what???? I USED TO LOVE HIM.

after dinner, i went up to my room and logged on to the internet and pondered for a long time whether or not i should buy a ticket to this show. on one hand. i don’t really love him anymore. but on the other hand. if 13 year old sarah knew that i had an opportunity to see him and i passed it up with no good reason, i would be so angry at me. so, because i knew what it would have meant to my younger self, i bit the bullet and paid the money for the one remaining seat in the very back of the theatre.


it took 8 years (during which time the love of my life turned into a pink haired vampire but ok that’s ok), but my dream of seeing kim junsu sing live in real time finally came true! despite the fact that my seat was quite far from the stage and several people around me were watching the show through a pair of binoculars, i was able to enjoy a clear bird’s eye view of him walking around stage in leather pants singing about blood for two and a half hours with no difficulty. by the end of the show, i was reminded of why i loved his voice so much. even though i don’t want to marry him anymore (unless in another 8 years, that dream somehow comes true too), his voice is still one of my favourites and if he ever does another musical while i’m in korea i will definitely go watch it!

a note to kim junsu: i sincerely hope that you love what you do. and if, in the future, i become world famous for whatever reason and you google my name and find this blog entry, yes, i am on facebook. and yes, i will accept your friend request.

(for those of you who are curious, this is dong bang shin ki way back when i first got into them):

(and this is a video of kim junsu singing live. please enjoy his angel voice):