p e r s i s t e n c e

by melonbar92

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confession: on average, i probably spend about 85% of my time reading inspirational quotes about being creative and only 15% of my time actually doing anything creative. i think it’s time to flip these numbers cause inspiration may set my heart on fire, but if i want to stoke my own flame i have to experience the feeling of splinters in my fingers and gather my own firewood. give my spark a chance to fly.

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‘shoulders back. chest out. be confident. even when you meet people who think they’re the best. you know there are people like that. stand your ground. know who you are. know what your parents have done for you. know your roots. you have the potential for the world to know your name. 항상 고맙고 기쁜 마음으로. 당당하게. 나는 이런 사람이다.’

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you say rise and dry bones rise. ‘i will make my breath enter you, and you will come to life.’ once the prison cells open, they will never open or close again. they will only crumble and become dust and you will sweep every particle into the palm of your hand and blow your breath of life upon it and watch as it is born again into something new, so beautiful and sweet.

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i am you are we are