life post korea

by melonbar92

hello my blogger friends. it’s been a long time since i’ve written a substantial blog post containing any details whatsoever about my personal life. many of you, however, may already know or have accurately assumed that i am no longer in korea but back at home in the land of luscious trees and abundant sushi: vancouver!! i returned to canada on july 31st 2014 at around 130 pm after a ten hour flight of solid napping, eating cup noodles, and watching the amazing spiderman 2 (spoiler alert: even though i knew that emma stone was going to die, i was still pretty surprised that she actually did. that was sad). here is a post to update all of you (all two or three of you that is! who reads this still in the face of my inconsistency?) on what i’ve been up to since returning home!

1) this is my friend sarah lee. she is a true worshiper of jesus and a silly, creative, beautiful soul that is as kindred to me as kindreds can get! i love her very much. so much so, in fact, that when i heard she was going on tour in LA for the first week of august i said, ‘…can i come?’ so, after only three days in vancouver, i packed my suitcase once again and hopped on the airplane with sarah and her amazing team of videographers, intercessors, hypers, and world changers (aka team tree) and flew to the land of in n out burgers and palm trees. it was such a blessing for me to be able to support sarah in LA. one thing i really love about her is how fun she is. she is so fun to worship jesus with and explore new places with and eat pop chips and honey samples with and talk about everything under the sun with. she brings a lot of joy into my life; real, unabashed, laugh until you want to cry while also able to sustain through the bluest of blue moments kind of joy.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 10.01.28 PM

2) for the one week i was in LA, i was with sarah + team tree for the first four days and then i split off from them to join my friend jin for our mini summer vacation together. being in korea, i totally missed her time back home in vancouver and wasn’t going to be able to see her very much before she returned to toronto to start her new job. so! she flew down to LA for a couple days so we could hang out together (do you sense a pattern of friends flying to LA to see friends that don’t even live in LA?). we had a great time re-connecting through the following ways:
– sharing a motel room overlooking a swimming pool that we never swam in but requested to be right next to
– reuniting with our korean school friend rachel and spending the whole day with her + her sister rebecca in downtown LA (we visited little tokyo, urth caffe, ate italian food for dinner, and went to the walt disney concert hall just to take pictures on its staircase outside)
– talking with strangers, including a group of evangelists from calgary and a man who believed he was moses
– sharing in the experience of The Worst Sunburn of Our Lives
– jin educating me on good rap

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3) it’s been about a week and a half now since i’ve returned from LA and have re-settled (this time, for a long while) in vancouver. since then, i’ve enjoyed meeting with old friends (see right) and eating delicious food (see left) (drool~). leaving korea was actually quite tough for me. it was sad to say goodbye, even if it is just for the time being, and i shed a lot more tears than i thought i would. but it feels good to be home. at first, i was a little worried about going to LA so soon after returning from being away for so long, but it was actually a great time for me to process some of the things that i had experienced in korea. it is always good to remember that the gifts and wisdom you receive in different parts of the world follow you home and will embed themselves inside your heart and become part of your character and speech and the way you carry yourself and see the people around you, if only you give yourself the time to let it all soak in.

4) a couple days ago, i visited my friend jill at her floating home in ladner. i had never seen floating homes before and i exclaimed to jill, ‘people from korea would love this!!!!’ later, while we were on a walk around the neighbourhood, a little tour bus pulled over to the side of the road and a big group of koreans got out and began to snap photos of the floating homes and enjoy the waterside view. haha! i got to chat with them a little and it felt nice to be able to converse with strangers in korean again. here are some things that i began in korea that i would like to continue:
– getting better at the korean language. one of my life dreams is to be as good at korean as if i had been born there
– becoming more aware about north korea. i started reading some books about north korea this past semester and i’d like to continue to learn more. my goal is to read/watch one book/documentary a month
– praying for north and south korea on a regular basis. one of the most memorable and life changing parts of living in korea was meeting people who were so committed to praying for the nation and joining them in that. i want to keep on praying and standing on hope that there are greater things to come for korea as one korea, a unified country that is seen by God, loved by God, and will be delivered by God