exec days

by melonbar92

i joined intervarsity christian fellowship when i was a first year at ubc asking questions like ‘is God really real?’ and ‘what do i actually believe in?’ and ‘who is Jesus? what is the kingdom? why are these people always talking about community and eating apple crumble?’ i found people at ivcf who not only told me that it’s ok to ask questions and, in fact, very good to ask questions, but people who were willing to walk with me through the unknown and out to the other side.

it is now the beginning of my final year at ubc and, consequently, my final year with iv. it’s my last year being a student leader and i recently just spent the past four days on a retreat with the rest of the executive leadership team, planning and visioning for the upcoming year. it’s a bit tough getting back into the rhythm of iv leadership after being away for awhile, but i am beyond stoked for what’s to come! i predict (and declare!) that it’s going to be a year of joy, power, integration of all things learned, and a deeper understanding of the never ending depth of what it means to love.

the team. from left to right: jacqueline, esther, me (hi!), jill, jordan, and leslie. missing dan lau (represented by the yellow paddle in leslie’s hand). one of the main reasons why i’m so excited for this year is that i get to spend a ton of time with these people. they make me laugh. so much hahahahaha and they teach me about the goodness of community and the all-encompassing diverse nature of the gospel. i’m excited to grow with them and to laugh more with them and to eat all the foods of the world with them (first up dimsum day?).


on the first day of our retreat, before any planning for the year was done, we took a kayak/canoe ride out into the ocean at sunset. this was the view. it was my first time seeing the sun dip away behind the mountains in its ever burning splendour while sitting in a double kayak, cradled by the mystery of the sea. i hope it’s not my last. what a gift!!! i want to go into this school year with this image in my mind, knowing that i am held by something much bigger and deeper than i could ever be and remembering that all i need to do to see the light is look up.