dear brother

by melonbar92

last night at an event called stories and art that inspire, i got to share about my experience in korea. i wrote a spoken word about the relationship between north and south korea in the point of view of the south writing a letter to the north. to be honest, it was very difficult for me to write. i struggled with a lot of questions like how do you write about a place like north korea? will people understand what i’m talking about? do i even know what i’m talking about? i went from exploring the topic in prose form to putting it aside to do research in non-fiction fields, and ultimately coming back to my own work in poetry. it took me drafts upon drafts upon drafts before i finally felt like i had written something that captured what i wanted to share with people.

when it comes to korea, there is always so much more to know and understand. but here is a small piece of what i have seen and learned so far.

(ps – sorry for the poor video quality, but thanks to estar for filming for me!)