write a little something

by melonbar92

ten things i have written in the past two weeks:

1) a personal essay on first jobs at fast food chains, drawing from my experience as a cashier at dairy queen.

2) a silent graphic novel script about a ghost named willow who has no friends and decides to rent an ice cream truck because people love ice cream and he wants people to love him too.

3) a response to a scholarly article on jane eyre, jumping off the theme of invisibility to explore the power of silence. *

4) a song about pluto called ‘what it’s like to be pluto.’

5) a four page screenwriting adaptation of an excerpt from charles dickens’ novella a christmas carol.

6) a long journal entry contemplating friendship, productivity, the word abundance, and movies that make me cry.

7) three quizzes on creative non-fiction, graphic forms, and song lyrics.

8) a discussion response to a scholarly article on tess of the d’urbervilles, examining the relationship between empathy and geography. **

9) this blog entry.

10) four addresses on four different envelopes, now stamped and sent away for mister snail man to deliver as he pleases. goodbye! goodbye!

* “‘portrait of a governess, disconnected, poor, and plain’: staging the spectral self in charlotte bronte’s jane eyre” – laurence talairach-vielmas
** “hardy’s geography of narrative empathy” – eve sorum