midnight thoughts

by melonbar92

  • does anyone else get really thirsty after they brush their teeth? these days i almost always have to have a drink of water before bed. i think about water a lot. if i leave the house without a water bottle, i make a mental floor plan of all the places i’ll be going that day and where in that place i can access water if i need it.
  • why does the word sweaty feel gross but the word sweater feel cozy? entirely different meanings and images that come to mind, i know, but they are such similar words. you really have to wait for the second syllable to decide how you feel about it.
  • in the past week i’ve read hard times by charles dickens, the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde by robert louis stevenson, shoplifter by michael cho, once upon an alphabet by oliver jeffers, and herman and rosie by gus gordon. i think herman and rosie is a perfect picture book. right now i’m reading the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde. i have mixed feelings about it because at times i find myself very interested and at other times, i have to read the same sentence over and over again in order to still not understand it.
  • after today, i’m going to go to bed before 12 am every night and wake up before 9 am every morning. i don’t even know why i’m still awake right now except that i started writing this blog entry and now i’m committed. ok. goodbye~