november updates

by melonbar92

1) in honour of farisia’s birthday last week, her boyfriend colin organized a surprise lip dub to taylor swift’s ‘shake it off.’ it was a lot of fun to film and even more fun to hear farisia’s reaction to it afterwards. we love you, f! happy birthday ❤ (ps: apparently taylor swift’s new album 1989 has all these former taylor swift haters hopping onto the fanwagon. i’m telling you. it’s only a matter of time before everyone comes to love taylor swift).

Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 9.42.37 AMphoto: jenny lee

2) my friend jin moved back to vancouver from toronto!! for good!!!! (or at least, for good as far as we can see now). the day after she got back, i had brunch with her and jenny at cafe jules and then we spent the rest of the day passing the hours together, catching up, shopping, and eating macarons (i just had a bite of jin and jenny’s macarons because i don’t like them enough to buy my own). it’s been a long time since all three of us hung out and it felt really nice to be able to spend time together. it was very reminiscent of our neopet days where we would talk every week and jenny was a millionaire, jin’s neopets were all painted faerie and baby, and i wrote for the neopian times. a lot of things have changed since then, but i’m glad that our friendship is still going strong and that we are bonded by more than just meerca chase and slorg guilds.

(for those of you who are curious… i just checked and my neopian times stories are still archived on their website. here is my first one that ever got published. i think i wrote this when i was around 13 hahaha so strange).

fallretreat14photo: jj hayes

3) this past weekend i went to mission, bc on intervarstiy’s fall retreat. it was unexpectedly cold and i wished more than once that i had brought a toque, mittens, and an extra long sleeve shirt, but nevertheless, i had a great time. some highlights for me:
– meeting new people! a lot of first years, or people that i’ve just never met before, came out to the retreat this year which was really cool. it was fun to hear their stories and to connect with them. i think that’s one of my favourite things about being part of intervarsity- i get to meet people from all different years, faculties, and backgrounds that i wouldn’t ordinarily get a chance to meet.
– playing games! i feel i laughed a lot during this retreat, especially while we were playing heads up.
– hearing from jesus! on saturday night, we read the prodigal son together and had some time to think about who in the story we relate with, asking God how he sees us in the midst of where we are. then we did an activity where we wrote a letter to ourselves from God’s point of view. some of us used this guideline to help us write our letter:
dear __(your name)__,
i see __(what you’re doing/the situation you are in right now)__.
i know __(how you feel)__.
but remember __(what truth God is saying to you)__.
some interesting things came up for me through this letter writing exercise, particularly in regards to how i am thinking about graduation/my future. afterwards, we got to share what we heard with a small group of people and pray for each other. this was a really special time for me. it felt safe and comforting to be in that space.
– being in nature! the camp was surrounded by mountains and trees and was right by a lake. it felt kind of like we were in the middle of no where, but i guess that just adds to the charm of the place!


4) i watched the movie big hero 6 yesterday and i think everyone should watch it. i may have teared up once or twice… and i definitely laughed all throughout the film! everyone go see!!!