losing wisdom pt 1

by melonbar92


i’ve been eating a lot of 죽 (congee) these days. shrimp congee. beef congee. shrimp & broccoli congee. it’s my breakfast. lunch. and dinner. in between meals i’ll have mashed up korean sweet potatoes, yogurt, and the occasional bowl of chocolate mint ice cream. now, before you assume that i’ve pledged my life to some kind of new fitness diet composed only of soft foods, let me explain.

on monday december 1st 2014 i said goodbye to the first two of my four wisdom teeth.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.49.33 PM(left: the day of / right: the day after)

i’ve been dreading getting my wisdom teeth removed for a number of years now, but i finally did it (the first half anyway)! i was awake for the whole operation, but the dentist made my mouth so numb i couldn’t feel much of anything. it was definitely a strange sensation though to hear my teeth crack inside my mouth without feeling any of the pain. after i came home, i spent the rest of the day in bed with an ice pack over my face. my mom got me painkillers but the pills were MASSIVE so i decided to just stick it out and wait for the pain to ebb away on its own (for those of you who don’t know, i have the hardest time swallowing pills and will avoid it to the best of my ability. who needs painkillers anyway? not me. nuh uh). by the grace of Jesus Christ, i woke up the next morning pain free~ but the left side of my face had ballooned to twice its size overnight. yikes.

this week has been all about recovery mode and i’m happy to report that the healing process is going smoothly thus far. in about a month or two, i’ll have to go back to the dentist for pt 2 of wisdom teeth removal, but when that time comes, i’ll go into it with a lot less fear. get me another tub of chocolate mint! i’ll be ready!