sets of twos for twenty two

by melonbar92

– read the news every day
– wake up before 9 am every morning (except on special sleep in days)

– enter at least one writing contest/literary journal submission a month
– begin a longer novel length manuscript this year (???)

new things
– learn how to cook korean food
– go rock climbing (conquering my fear of heights and my noodle arms)

old things
– finish cross-stitch that i started in china in 2013 (will this ever happen)
– finish scarf that i started knitting this past fall (i really do not know)

– continue to exercise and go swimming once a week
– stretch a lot, especially my back

the future
– graduate university, finishing strong
– pray into the new + scary (in a good way) (also just in a scary way) adventure that lies ahead

what i am asking jesus for
– that i would learn to love and eat his good and holy word the way that i love and eat dried mangoes (with zeal and affection)
– that i would grow in a wisdom that flows out of love and leads into life for myself and all the people around me