gold pt 2

by melonbar92


everybody look at this.

my friend farisia took a line from my spoken word poem, more precious than gold, and made it even more golden (literally and figuratively). i think farisia is magical. why do i think this? let me tell you why.

reasons why farisia is magic
– her photography skills are captivating. she takes pictures that look like stories and she has a knack for taking people’s portraits. after she uploads them onto facebook, everybody’s profile picture changes within minutes
– she makes art with water colour paint and charcoal and pen and ink and everything she draws is like a little world that i want to live in
– she has good taste in material things
– i think she would laugh and say ‘nooooo sarah no’ but seriously this girl has a VOICE. and what i mean by that is this: i love her singing voice. if she released a cd, i would buy 10 copies and give away 8 and keep 2 for myself. she is an excellent writer who can convey her emotions through her words in ways that make you feel what she feels. she speaks with boldness and has a very unique farisia thang flavour. that’s why it’s easy to do impersonations of her, because she is so distinct and there’s no one else like her (‘excuse me?’). i’m not a huge texter, but i always enjoy our imessages because i can hear her voice so clearly over her texts, it makes me feel like she’s in the same room as me. in short, her voice is magical in many different ways and everybody should listen to her when she speaks because if you don’t, you are missing out on a piece of heaven on earth
– she thinks i’m funny

there are many more things, but i have to rush out now to catch a bus. i will conclude with this. creative collaborations are amazing. farisia thang is amazing. please check out more of her work on her instagram and her photography website. do it! you won’t regret it.