updates & historical fiction

by melonbar92

updates on the blog
i just recently discovered what pages are on wordpress so i added two! if you look at my blog layout, you will now see an about me page as well as a page listing all the places where i’ve been published (so far, a grand total of two). my first ever accepted submission was a travel memoir that i wrote about china. it’s called laundry lines and it got published while i was in texas for my sister’s wedding. my dad read it in our rented treehouse kitchen and he said, ‘wow. this is very professional. i’m impressed!’ my second accepted submission was over a year later (and only a week or so ago) with a piece of flash fiction called hearing the laughter of ghosts. when my dad read this, he called my sister and said, ‘did you read haeli’s piece? it’s very good! i think i’m finally beginning to see the talent!’ well it took over two decades, but i’m glad he finally sees potential! although my stack of rejection letters is high and my list of missed deadlines even higher, little by little i’m getting my work out there. hopefully, this is a promising start to many more publications!

what tv shows do you watch?
i’m not a big tv person. but i just recently started watching the simpsons and i think it’s hilarious. i especially like the episodes with lisa’s saxaphone. hehe. also, of course, there are the kpop shows that unnie and i like to watch together. lately it’s been kpop star season 4. i’ve been listening to this duet on repeat since i watched last week’s episode:

i’m not a huge fan of ballads, but i feel so emotional listening to this performance. and when i like a song, i’ll play it over and over and over and over and over again until it appears in my dreams and i feel like i should stop. i hope they win. and do more duets together. and sing in drama ost’s. and get married. just kidding. but that would be sweet.

and speaking of korean entertainment…!! this past sunday i saw a movie with my family called 국제시장 (the title in english is ode to my father).


my parents watched it together and my dad loved it so much that he wanted the rest of us to watch it too. it really was a good movie. i wept. three times. the only other times i’ve cried that much during a movie was taegeukgi (a movie about the korean war that ruined my life) and haemoo (another korean movie about a captain and his crew transporting illegal immigrants in their ship that ruined all the parts of my life that taegeukgi had missed). what i liked about ode to my father was that it was very sad, but it was also very funny. i laughed as much as i cried. also, it drew on a lot of real historical events which i liked.

historical fiction is one of my favourite genres for books and movies. even though they’re fictional stories about fictional people, they open windows for me to view real events with a new perspective and intimate emotional attachment. it can be easy to read history as facts and stats, names and numbers, but really it’s a story, or rather, hundreds and thousands and millions of stories, and i appreciate the way that historical fiction reminds me of that. even though they may not be real stories that actually happened, i feel like they point me to a truer reality than what i’m often able to see.