by melonbar92

it’s been a long time since my last video blog. and also, i feel like, a long time since my last substantial blog post. ack! things have been so crazy lately with school and work and eating waffles etc. lucky for me, next week is reading break so i’ll have a whole week to catch up and recuperate! what do i do to rest, you may wonder? well, let me tell you, hypothetical asker. i find journaling very therapeutic and a portion of any day i have off is always dedicated to my journal.

oh journals. i know not everyone is into this, but i can’t imagine my life without it. if i go a week without journaling, my brain feels like it’s going to start leaking out of my ears, it gets so full. i love the feeling of being able to write and write and write and unravel the tangled ball of yarn that is my thoughts. i love the rawness of it and the way it feels like home. after finishing a particularly long, emotional entry, the side of my hand is lined with ink stains and i feel more light hearted (and usually a little hungry) so i get a snack to celebrate the load that has been lifted off my shoulders. it’s a great feeling.

when it comes to blogging, i have a much harder time. what do i talk about? what do i share? what’s too personal? too impersonal? these are questions that i’m still struggling with and trying to figure out. in the meantime, i have my journals to hash it all out in.

how about you? do you love journals too?