losing wisdom pt 2

by melonbar92

some of you may remember this, but i got my first two wisdom teeth taken out a couple months ago (aka losing wisdom pt 1). the procedure was a little uncomfortable, but quick and relatively painless. i went in today to get the final two out, feeling confident that it would be much like the first time. and at first, it was. the top tooth came out in a matter of minutes. but the bottom tooth… oh, the bottom tooth. apparently, it was sitting at an awkward angle and super close to a nerve tissue, so my dentist had to work slowly and take the tooth out piece by piece. i was in the chair for over an hour, having a conversation with my teeth inside my head.

it’s ok guys, we can do it.
this is the last time we are ever going to have to do this, ok? hang in there.

ok seriously wisdom tooth, you need to get out. i know you’re comfortable where you are, but it’s time to go, come on.
in the name of jesus, get this tooth out of my mouth. amen.

at one point, i felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye and slide down my face. what. the. am i crying right now? the dentist’s assistant wiped the continuously flowing tears from my eyes with a kleenex. when it was finally over, i tried to smile but my mouth was still frozen. i am only now starting to regain feeling in my mouth. 오마이갓. it’s going to be a long week of recovery.

on another note! this past weekend i went on a ski retreat with ivcf. we went to hope where we slept on the floor of a church and woke up before the sunrise every morning. it was a sleep deprived weekend, but well worth it. i didn’t get to snowboard this year because of some back problems, but i did play a ton of games, hang out with a bunch of people, and laugh a lot of laughs that made my stomach hurt. i also got to go on a really beautiful walk where my friends and i discovered this shire-like place:


we walked across this bridge, surrounded by mountains and clouds. the river ran below us and we could see tiny whirlpools churning the water around. what makes a whirlpool whirl? we wondered.


a set of concrete stairs led us down to this magically mossy place. seriously, where are all the hobbits?


what a treasure! finding this place was one of my favourite parts of the retreat. it felt so refreshing just to be there. we came here on the very last day, a couple hours before we left; it was a great and surprisingly restful way to end the retreat.

as soon as i arrived back in vancouver, i went to go see my cousin grace who was visiting from seattle for the weekend. i love seeing the kwons and playing with the kids, peter, caleb, and mercy. we had dinner at aberdeen mall and then went back to their hotel to watch an episode of the octonauts (have people heard of this show? it’s pretty fun. all the characters are animals, except for this one character who is a turnip).

cuties. cute cute cute. when i finally came home, i ate some mandoo and went to bed and slept for 11 hours. i will not be eating mandoo for awhile now, but hopefully i’ll be able to sleep another 11 hours and rest this post-wisdom teeth pain away!