playlist of songs

by melonbar92

last week at work, a customer came in wearing a future of forestry t-shirt. i said, ‘hey that’s future of forestry!’ and he said, ‘yeah!’ a couple days later, i got a newsletter from future of forestry’s e-mail list saying that their new album is out. i know it sounds like i’m super into them, but to be honest, i’ve only heard a couple of their songs and i don’t even remember signing up for their newsletter. but i listened to their new album today and i think i’m going to have to keep up with their music more. they have some beautiful songs. like this one!

i have a couple friends who have been educating me on rap. so far kanye west has been one of my favourite recommendations, particularly this song. i’ve also been listening to some mc jin and kendrick lamar, though i haven’t listened to his new album yet. my friend sue-o said that i have to listen to it in a room by myself, free from distractions, with good headphones to get the bass sounds. i’m waiting for a day where i can commit myself to this. if anyone else has any rap recommendations, send them my way!

lately i’ve been listening to this song every day. sometimes i cry when i listen to it, especially when i hear the lyrics ‘the orphans now have a home‘ as well as ‘things that we thought were dead are breathing in life again.’ i think about these things a lot (home and life. and love. and jesus) so i feel like this song conveys a lot of my heart and a lot of my hopes.

annnd more k-pop star! this guy is still my favourite. the finale is in two weeks and i’m hoping that he’ll win or at least get signed and release an album so that i don’t have to keep on re-playing youtube videos to hear him sing (actual song from 2:36-6:03).