lynn canyon

by melonbar92

a few wednesdays ago, nadya and i went to lynn canyon in north vancouver. we had been talking about going there together for over a year and we finally did it! we began our day by taking the seabus to lonsdale quay and searching for nadya’s dream donut at the marketplace. unfortunately, we didn’t find the donut, but we made up for it later with some other yummy food. more on this to come.

when i was a kid, i was afraid of needles, clowns, and heights. i’m no longer afraid of needles and i feel good about clowns (unless it’s a sinister clown and i’m alone with it in a dark room with no way out. then i think i would be afraid again). heights, however, still make me nervous. but with nadya’s encouragement and my death grip on the railings, i made it across the lynn canyon suspension bridge not once, not twice, but three whole times! -applause- (thank you thank you).


the beauty of lynn canyon. we found twin falls, walked the trails, and sat by the swimming hole and imagined how fun it would be to swim in it in the summer. the colour of the water is surreal, not to mention the expanse of trees that surrounded us. it’s interesting to think about how close this is to the city but also how far removed it feels. this year, i want to explore more beautiful places in bc. i feel like there are many treasures that are closer to home than i realize and i want to discover them all.


it was a day of detours and taking the long way, but in the end, every wrong path took us where we needed to go. we wrapped up our day by taking the bus back to vancouver and going to via tevere pizzeria where we shared a pizza and a humungo slice of tiramisu. i love pizza! pizza is amazing! what a wonderful way to end any day.


nadya! how fortunate i am to enjoy her friendship for so many years, talking about anything and everything and all things in between. despite the fact that we’ve been friends for over a decade, i’m still learning new things about her every time we meet (for example, she hates almonds and will eat around them when we share a bag of trail mix. i actually think i knew this before, but i blocked it out of my memory because it was so unbelievable. but it’s ok. my love for her covers over her hatred for delicious, never-hurt-anyone-except-maybe-people-with-an-allergy almonds). i’m also constantly learning new things from her. she makes me think and feel inspired to love people and live a creative, arms wide open kind of life. to many more explorations and decades to come!