by melonbar92

last week i went to camp on keats island to immerse myself in the gospel of mark for 42 hours with a community of long time friends and newly made ones. i don’t have many pictures from the week, but here’s one that someone snapped during our final meal together. the mid-bite candid pose may not make for the most attractive photo, but i think it captures my current state of mind pretty well. i’m chewing on a lot of things that came up for me over the week and it’s making me feel more and more full as i process it all.

who do you say that jesus is?
a question that i think i’ll be asking my whole entire life. i imagine a man with hands calloused from carpentry and skin that smells like sawdust and the sea (and also like sweat). he would be strong enough to turn over tables in the temple but gentle enough to hold children in his arms and make them feel safe. people say all kinds of crazy things about him (prophet! healer! satan! son of God! danger! danger! danger!), but he’s not swayed by their opinions. he’s sassy and compassionate and he gets it. he gets what it means to love, he gets what justice looks like (and what it doesn’t look like), and he gets the truth. in fact, some would say he is the truth.

my head is full of parables.