sueo jihu jinjoo haeli

by melonbar92


this photo was taken in 2010 on a high school grad trip to whistler. none of us could drive so we took the bus and spent a few days exploring the village, eating instant noodles with eggs, watching rented movies, and playing poker with candy bars.


this photo was taken five years later on a kind of grad trip but not really to portland and seattle. 2/4 of us have our novice drivers licence but we still took the bus. we spent our days exploring the cities we were in, watching good will hunting on netflix, eating korean pork shoulder kimchi sandwiches, fish n chips, the coolest vietnamese food, but not donuts, and playing big two while eating chocolate almonds.


a lot of things have changed in five years. for example, we weren’t very good at taking group selfies (see photo above, exhibit A). we are much better at this now. observe, exhibit B:


well 3/4 isn’t bad.

in all honesty though, many things have changed since 2010. a lot has happened in half a decade and i feel really thankful that i have friends who have been around for so long. we calculated while we were in seattle and i learned that i’ve been friends with jin for 13 years and with sue-o and justin for 8 years. holy smokes. in the words of jin yoon, ‘it feels more like 2 years!’ i think she meant ‘our friendship has been so fun, time really flew by and felt shorter than it was!’ as opposed to ‘really it’s been that long it doesn’t feel that memorable are you sure it wasn’t just 2 years?’

sometimes it’s easy to forget to appreciate people that have been in your life for a long time. here are some things that i like about my friends so that i don’t forget to appreciate them today:


oregon zoo // sue-o has probably been one of the most consistent people in my life for the past 5+ years. he recommends me good rap music. when i throw chocolate almonds in the air, he catches all of them in his mouth which makes me look like a really good almond tosser. he is supportive of me wanting to learn more korean.


pike place market // justin is a loyal friend and the best guitar player i know. he’s the kind of person who hates seattle but will go anyway because the rest of us want to go and then discovers that he actually loves seattle. he’s ok with changing his mind about things which i think is very cool.


seattle gum wall // jin inspires me in many ways. she inspires me to take more photos (because her poses are always amazing) and to learn more about art and people and music. she’s one of those weird people who can bring out both the deepest and the silliest parts of me. she doesn’t hold back her affection. she always shares her food. also, we are a similar shoe size and even though we don’t share shoes, i appreciate that we could if we wanted to.