emory luna

by melonbar92

one month ago, this little human was born into the world:


meet emory luna musil, my baby girl niece! she was born on october 1 2015, which makes today her one month birthday. to celebrate, i made a video blog to recap her first four weeks.

also, here’s the full pregnancy reveal video for those who want to re-live this moment too. it feels like not too long ago when we were all anticipating baby’s birth and now she’s here and forever intertwined with our lives! what a crazy thing to think about.

the first few times i held her, she would always cry, but we have both been learning each other and i feel a lot more comfortable holding her now. in fact, it’s one of my new favourite things. i haven’t spent a lot of time with infants before so i have never known the comfort of holding a warm, round baby in your arms until now. also, i love the baby smell. and browsing all the baby clothes stores when i go to the mall and having a real reason to buy something. and noticing all the other babies on the street and thinking in my head that they’re cute but luna is cuter (just kidding) (all babies are precious) (but luna is the best).

as an aunt, i look forward to the years to come and i pledge to:
– buy luna lots of yummy treats while also encouraging her to brush her teeth and floss
– let luna come over whenever she wants to visit, no matter where in the world i live (if i end up living somewhere cool like the countryside or a place with lots of fruit trees or noodle carts where people go fishing in the river and turn their lights off by 9 pm, luna can come and spend the summer and write essays about it when she goes back to school in september)
– play with her and pray for her and be a listening ear
– let my imagination run alongside hers when her mind starts spinning all different colours and stories and light
– buy her socks

that’s it for now, but this will probably be an ever-growing and ever-changing list. to conclude, another photo of the best one month old in the world: