still alive

by melonbar92

blog: hey sarah
blog: how’s it going
blog: remember me
blog: remember how we used to hang out
blog: ?
blog: is that ever going to happen again?
blog: ?
blog: ???
-more silence-
blog: ??????

-after 100 years of silence-
me: oh yes!
me: i haven’t forgotten you
me: i will write with you again
me: we will hang out again
me: forgive me for being away for so long!

blog: ok
blog: that’s ok
blog: i forgive you

me: i’ll make it up to you by writing a post RIGHT NOW
me: -writes this really strange update-
me: -not sure where this is going-
me: -but at least it’s getting out there-

blog: thank you i appreciate it really
me: let’s see each other again soon in a less weird way than this
blog: ok
me: ok see you!
blog: bye!