strawberry milk

by melonbar92

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korea week one:
– i drink a lot of milk here. banana milk. strawberry milk. there’s a carton of chocolate milk in the fridge right now.
– every night i sleep at least 9 hours. sometimes even longer! at halmuni’s house, 8 pm feels like 11.
– it’s been interesting being back in korea and noticing the things that have changed and the things that haven’t but feel like they have because maybe i’ve come back with a different perspective. and then there are things that are the same and feel the same. for example, my favourite brand of strawberry milk was 서울우유 (seoul milk- as pictured above) and i can confirm that it is still number 1 in my heart of strawberry milks.
– today i went to a paper art museum with umma and my uncle. the woman selling tickets asked if i would like a child priced ticket. she said, “it’s for anyone still in high school!” “but i graduated university,” i said.
– here’s a tanka (a 5-7-5-7-7 poem) about how i’ve been feeling these days:

i’m an astronaut 
and my spaceship’s called ‘question’
we’re out here floating
drinking up the milky way
lost but caught in nets of stars