by melonbar92


march was living at halmuni’s house, eating 꽈배기 (braided donuts covered in sugar) and coming home to a fridge of 요구르트 (little yogurt drinks, but not like western yogurt. google yakult to see what i mean). it was learning how to play 민화투 (card game pictured above) and watching korean crossword game shows on monday nights. it was coming home by 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm at the latest, packing one of halabuji’s old shirts into my suitcase, peeling roasted chestnuts. it was full of family and questions of identity and what it means to connect.


march was foot long ice cream cones and bingsu in a cup (who remembers my passion for bingsu?? being in korea has re-ignited the fire. amazing). it was reuniting with friends, welcoming those visiting seoul and being welcomed back by those who call this place home. it was feeling embarrassed in front of my family because my spice tolerance is not as high as theirs (“but all koreans like spicy food?”) and then deciding that whatever, it’s not like they make bingsu spicy (that would be so… weird…). it was going back to new philadelphia church, re-visiting my old favourite places, forgetting to photograph things but remembering to journal everything.


march was waiting. it was receiving. it was remembering the love of God and crying. and then it was remembering again the next day and crying again (haha!). it was getting the internship with liberty in north korea and joining the spring intern team as a resettlement assistance intern. !!!!!!!!!!!! craziness so so nuts. it was an open door, it was gratitude, it was ??? and !!!! it was moving out to a little one-room in seoul, my first ever time living solo with no family or roommates. it was a new beginning, and because nothing i’ve said so far relates to the above photo, it was also discovering this line of special kakao products at the face shop and feeling bummed that i had just bought sunscreen before seeing this because i could have gotten cute kakao sunscreen instead.


april will be building my life here in seoul for the next five months. it will be finishing internship training and going deeper into the job (though my brain already feels full of things to process from the first three days!). it will be learning more about korea (north + south), about life, about God, absorbing, and growing. it will be enjoying the open rooftop at the place i live and drying my laundry in the sun. it will be ~BINGSU~ and shopping (!) and remembering to take more photos. it will be, i hope, a promising month.