garden of morning calm

by melonbar92

it’s been a little over two weeks since i’ve moved into my nest and started my internship with LiNK and i’ve started to get a sense of rhythm in my day-to-day life. i’ve always been a bit stingy when it comes to spending money on myself, but i decided that while i’m in korea, i’m going to !TREAT MYSELF! a little bit. the first thing i did after i decided this was go to the store and buy a mega pack of 요구르트 (little yogurt drinks) to stock up my mini fridge. treat yourself: to each their own. hehe.

this past saturday, two of my friends and i decided to make the trek out to ~the garden of morning calm~ (아침고요수목원 in korean) which is in a small town called cheongpyeong. it took us a couple hours to get there from seoul via subway and bus, but it was totally worth it! i love gardens and this one is BEAUTIFUL and MASSIVE and they have a store where they sell snacks and ice cream bars which is completely touristy and a bit interruptive of the whole lost-in-nature feeling, but ice cream bars right? come on.

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okay wow. the first thing we saw when we got to the garden was snow falling from the sky. snow? huh? in the middle of spring? yes, my friends. CHERRY BLOSSOM SNOW. it was raining pink petals in this place like some kind of korean drama. ooooh. aaaah. take in the wonder.

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there are many trails in the garden and this one led up several flights of stairs, giving us a great viewpoint. gah! majestic. flowers and trees and streams, nestled in the mountains. creation is beautiful.

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i climbed a tree!

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though you can’t really tell in these photos, it was saturday so the garden was PACKED. people came with their friends, their kids, their picnics, their selfie sticks, etc. (funny non-garden related story about lots of people: the subway stations in korea get really busy and crowded so one time i reached up to scratch my head and i hit a woman in the face. she gave me the dirtiest look. i felt bad) (maybe that story wasn’t very funny) (i’m sorry, woman at subway). i can only imagine how much more beautiful the garden is at sunrise when there’s no people and the light is just beginning to wash over everything. truly the vision of morning calm.