by melonbar92


this is the view outside my window. the soundtrack of my mornings is a symphony of construction workers with an interlude of yogurt-opening banana-peeling breakfast beats. i was going to say i’m used to the noise now, but to be honest, it never really bothered me in the first place so there wasn’t much to get used to. anyway, i wonder what they’re building?

it’s been almost three months since i’ve been in seoul and i feel like i’ve learned so much. about myself, about god, about north korea and about so many things in between. like how to catch bugs in my room with my bare hands (on the first try!). how to pack my own lunch box with the ingredients i have. how to be present in the present, to recognize the power that exists in little every day choices, to set gratitude as my default heart setting. i’m swimming in thanksgiving every single day because those are the waters that jesus has rolled out before me. i’m soaked in it and i hope its scent sticks to my hair, my clothes, my heart, the way chlorine in a pool lingers on your skin even after you shower. there is a lot to be grateful for!

despite the fact that i told myself, “i’m going to blog and vlog and really document my time here this year!” that hasn’t really happened. haha! public documentation has never been my strong point. nonetheless, i hope to somehow be able to share the many things i’ve learned/am learning/will learn with people in a meaningful way.

on more of a general update note: i am really loving my internship with LiNK, my mom is back in korea and my dad is coming to visit next week (woo!), my niece is still the best and is now starting to CRAWL what in the i miss her a lot, north korean people are some of the most incredible people i’ve ever met, i ate nengmyun today for lunch and it was really good, and i’m currently at my favourite cafe called WAFFLE IT UP where they sell waffles and gelato and drinks and the design is all wood and pretty and they have blankets in case you get cold and want to curl up in one while you’re studying in the ~quiet place~ which is the silent study section that i often hang out in.