to my blog

by melonbar92

the other day i was looking through my blog archives and was surprised to find that i’ve been running this blog (inconsistently, but nevertheless still running) since early 2013! now this may not seem like a crazy period of time, but i’ve had a history of ditching blogs throughout the years so i’m happy to see that this one has lasted for as long as it has. it’s proven to be a reliable space to share big (+ small) life events, passing thoughts, photographs, creative writing, and random musings, like the kind of thing you would write on a post-it note when you’re feeling poetic and proceed to forget inside your desk drawer until months later when you need your glue stick for a school project and the post-it note is stuck to it and you realize this post-it is probably stickier than the actual glue (because truly, does anyone know of a glue stick that works well because i have yet to find one).

i never did write all those posts i thought i would, like the one about my trip to tokyo, hong kong, and singapore. or the one about digimon (because i am forever devoted and digimon adventure tri started last year, is still going on, and in fact the third movie is coming out next weekend and i’m sO EXCITED it’s absurd) because i’ve been too busy watching it to write about it. haha!

this blog for me has been a reliable space and also the space between things. the space between the bookshelf and the wall, the fridge and the cabinets, where old archie comics get lost and need to be fished out with a naked roll of wrapping paper or chopsticks taped together. that awkward space in my wallet between the zipper and the coin pouch where dimes always get stuck. the space between 1159 and 12, the today and tomorrow. thanks, my blog, for being that place for me to toss my dimes. i know it’s not much, but i hope they add up to something as a whole. you are my online quilt stitched together with the words i dropped through the cracks, a comfort made of patches and parts of something larger, and for that i’m thankful for you.