twenty seventeen / a digital age

by melonbar92

chilliwack // 

dear blog, i know this will probably hurt your feelings, but i was 98% certain that my last blog post (in september 2016) would be my last one ever. but i’m back! (silence) in the interest of becoming better at online documentation and sharing with the world at large, i have made it my goal to blog at least twice a month. (more silence) i’m sorry that you probably have separation anxiety now because i keep abandoning you for long stretches of time. i completely understand your silent treatment. you probably don’t believe me when i say all this, but i promise, this isn’t just another new years resolution that i forget about after a week. (…) i really will try my best!

dear youtube, you’ve probably forgotten what i look like by now, but this year i’m going to try to revive my vlog. (sorry who are you again?) hey come on, it hasn’t been that long. remember this video i posted last october? the highlight video of my niece’s first birthday? (oh yeah that was pretty adorable)

i will try to post at least five vlogs this year! i was originally going to say one vlog a month, but i’ll be more realistic. (yeah ok) ok?? five!

dear twitter, my new online friend. to be honest, i never thought we would be friends, but it’s a new year and i’m sure i have something to learn from you (for any other twitter users out there, you can find and follow me here). i hope you can help me connect with the wider online community, particularly the writing and publishing community.

– the photo of the mountain was taken in chilliwack where my writing group had a reunion/belated christmas party. it was a magical day with a magical view and at night, the stars were so clear. when i arrived back in vancouver, i looked up and was disappointed to see that the stars looked like faded white out smudges you had to squint to see. the stars are brighter in chilliwack i thought. but that’s not really true. stars are stars and they are as bright as they are. it’s just that sometimes you have a clearer view.

i’m not the most online-savvy person, maybe partially because i feel like the online world is the faded star version of the offline world. you have to squint to see the light. but just as stars are stars, humans are humans, and if i can find my way to a clearer view, maybe i’ll also find a way to connect deeper with the people behind the computers and widen my scope. so here’s to 2017, an increasingly digital age in which i will try to live as i’ve always longed to live: in embrace and in learning. see you soon!