a lesson on dishwashers

by melonbar92

on the last day of 2016, i slept over at a friend’s house after a new years party (new years parties for me = eating guacamole and counting down to midnight, 40% in anticipation for the new year and 60% in anticipation to put on my pyjamas and go to bed). after the party, my friend farisia and i were cleaning up and loading the dishes into the dishwasher. she turns to me and we have the following conversation:

farisia: i don’t have a dishwasher at my house. do you know how to use this?
me: no, we use the one at my house as a drying rack. but i’m sure we can figure it out.
farisia: -holds up liquid soap- we just fill it with this, right?
me: is that the right one?
farisia: -reading- it says ‘dishwashing soap’
me: ok! pour it in!
farisia: -pouring- is this enough?
me: maybe some more?

we get the dishwasher going, congratulate ourselves and go upstairs to put on our pyjamas and sleep (the moment i’ve been waiting for since 11:30 PM). before getting into bed, farisia goes downstairs to get some water and a few seconds later i hear her voice call up from the kitchen. “um…. sarah???”

so i go downstairs and i see this:



so as it turns out, liquid dish soap for sink washing is not meant to go in the dishwasher. ever. there’s special soap for dishwashers, people! special! soap!! it was around 130 AM at this point and farisia and i were on our knees, scooping up soap suds with our hands and crying on the inside. at one moment, we just paused to stare as bubbles seeped out of the dishwasher in a never ending gurgle of horror, saying, “it’s not stopping.” -thirty seconds later- “yep still going.” -thirty more seconds later- “yeah this isn’t ending is it?”

after half an hour of damage control, we decided to just let the dishwasher monster keep on foaming at the mouth and get it all out of its system. we lay a big towel down on the kitchen floor, went to bed and let the cycle run. in the morning, the monster was finally quiet, the soap stream finally run out. we cleaned up the remaining mess and pondered over the significance of our new year beginning in such a peculiar fashion. the takeaway? it’s going to be a year of unexpected surprises and deep cleansing, new experiences and humble learning. also, i’m going to do dishes by hand for the rest of my life. it’s safer that way.