light horizontal

by melonbar92

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when stringing words together, choose your thread wisely. sometimes it can be even more important than the words themselves. so go on; bead your poetry on strings of grass so they can glisten there like morning dew, appearing in the night but only seen with the rising sun. hang your words on spider webs, on christmas tree branches, on each string of your guitar making every song sing sweeter. thread it on your laundry lines and watch them wave with the wind. the words you wear around your neck feel like coarse rope rubbing at your collarbone with each step, or maybe- – – they feel like a necktie, looped on by the hands of a loved one, sterling silver, the lightest of chains not meant to ensnare but to highlight. it catches the sun. the words beam. i string my words on light horizontal and your alphabet dances in the dust.